Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dj Gaddafi-Zenga Zenga !!!LOOL


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Al-Sedra Meets Desert Blvd. !

على البال.. كل التفاصيل.. على البال و أحلى التفاصيل
دايم على البال
Its lovely how we bump into people in our lives and chemistry clicks right away! Well that's what happened with me and the Desert Blvd girls when I first entered the blog sphere. A lot of people thought we knew each other in person; well we don't! I mean we didn't till one day we decided to meet for the first time! Ok Ok I know Vain & Ambro want me to say this I invited them out and I chose the place but not the time and YES I WAS LATE! SO WHAT? BITE ME!! I lost the god damn entrance kila mnn Ambro lol:P
6ab3an 3ala ma legait le parking wo nezalt I was just 10 minutes late:D
There they were two lovely young girls waiting for me; oh did I mention that Vain calls me for the first time tzifni laish ta5rt?! LOOOOL khoosh khoosh:P
We sat down and started talking ,talking and talking to the point that we forgot to order food!!!
Any road <<<> u can see Ambros influence already LOL:P
Of course I cant say what we talked about but basically EVERYTHING :D
Then Miss Vaino had to leave early cause shes was busy busy busy and she did a bad move by paying the bill with out me knowing!!! Revenge soon @@
Amrbo and I stayed a while to finish our chit chat damn girl I think we said A LOT!
Anyway I aint good at touchy mouchy talk so to wrap this up all I gotta say is:
There I said it loool:D
ps: Sorry we ate the food before taking any pics but Ryoog wasn't bad:P

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do you believe in love at first sight?

"Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?"
Ok BLUE aint my taste but it fits well for this post:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

في يوم وليلة

في يوم و ليلة .. في يوم و ليلة خدنا حلاوة الحب كلو في يوم و ليلة أنا و حبيبي ...أنا و حبيبي دوبنا عمر الحب كلو في يوم و ليلة عمري ما شفتو ولا قابلتو و ياما ياما شغلني طيفو وفي يوم لقيتو لقيتو هو .. هو اللي كنت بتمنى شوفو نسيت الدنيا و جريت عليه ... سبقني هو و فتح إيديه لقينا روحنا على بحر شوق نزلنا نشرب و دبنا فيه مين يصدق يجرى ده كلو... و نعيش سوا نعيش سوا العمر كلو في يوم و ليلة ليلة ليلة ليلة ليـــــلة

Monday, February 07, 2011

India Got Talent !

Yaa Salaaaaaaam! ebdaaa3 LOL:P far rasi woho yehz e9ma5aah:D

Sunday, February 06, 2011

お誕生日おめでとう Vaino!

Hmm..madree bs can u see the poor thing? LOL
Ma medani aswee a big cake so gahwa it is!
No! just borrowed their box for the Nexus:P
Ohh u will love this dude:D
Al3omr kilah ya rab;**

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Bad Habit?!

If you could get rid of one bad habit that you have; what would it be?!
As for me it would be to stop being hesitant all the time!
I love her voice!!

جبار حبك

من زمان ماحطيت مزاجي هههه على العموم اغينه يديده واهم شي سمعوا فايز السعيد بالكورال صار" بتاع كلوا" بس مو صاحبنا
q8othug :P
To my Desert Blvd Girls!!
Hope this new friendship lasts forever
love ya;**

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Are You An Addict?!

Signs of Twitter addiction:
  • Get excited when some one follows you on Twitter.
  • You plan your whole day and life on Twitter.
  • Send @ and RT in messages to your friends in emails.
  • Beg ur blog readers to follow u on twitter,and ur followers to Retweet the tweet.
  • Post more tweets than blog posts.
  • You have a cell phone so that you can tweet through it.
  • Tweet on Twitter more than doing office work.
  • Feel over the Moon and on top of the world when some one retweets your tweet.
  • Keep refreshing the twitter page every second for new tweets.
  • U check ur tweet followers status updates more than u check ur bank balance.
  • You hate WHALES! (over capacity).
  • Set Twitter as your browser home page.
  • Add your status message as “Follow me on twitter”
  • Keep urging your family members to get a twitter account.
  • Follow lot of people on #FollowFriday.
  • For Blackberry users we know ur addicts when ur head is always down :P
    Old but True!!
    iPhone people didnt forget u but this song speaks for itself LOL!!!