Thursday, February 17, 2011

Al-Sedra Meets Desert Blvd. !

على البال.. كل التفاصيل.. على البال و أحلى التفاصيل
دايم على البال
Its lovely how we bump into people in our lives and chemistry clicks right away! Well that's what happened with me and the Desert Blvd girls when I first entered the blog sphere. A lot of people thought we knew each other in person; well we don't! I mean we didn't till one day we decided to meet for the first time! Ok Ok I know Vain & Ambro want me to say this I invited them out and I chose the place but not the time and YES I WAS LATE! SO WHAT? BITE ME!! I lost the god damn entrance kila mnn Ambro lol:P
6ab3an 3ala ma legait le parking wo nezalt I was just 10 minutes late:D
There they were two lovely young girls waiting for me; oh did I mention that Vain calls me for the first time tzifni laish ta5rt?! LOOOOL khoosh khoosh:P
We sat down and started talking ,talking and talking to the point that we forgot to order food!!!
Any road <<<> u can see Ambros influence already LOL:P
Of course I cant say what we talked about but basically EVERYTHING :D
Then Miss Vaino had to leave early cause shes was busy busy busy and she did a bad move by paying the bill with out me knowing!!! Revenge soon @@
Amrbo and I stayed a while to finish our chit chat damn girl I think we said A LOT!
Anyway I aint good at touchy mouchy talk so to wrap this up all I gotta say is:
There I said it loool:D
ps: Sorry we ate the food before taking any pics but Ryoog wasn't bad:P


  1. Min galb 7asheetow feeni hathaa shy 6abee3y ( china mafee ela ana ya3ni :P ) loool.. Thats a surprise girls.. Did Vainglorious wear her red boots? :p I didn't read any of her posts!! Was she that busy? ow 7eta Ambrosial ba3ad sarlahaa moda ma shifnahaa :)

  2. Vain always pretend to be busy while she is not !
    and amber has nothing to do at all, plus she loves free food and eating all the time.

    You on the other hand knew that they will pay anyway, that's why you invited them!

    That's how I look at things :p

  3. Q-80 : shay 6abeeee3i LOOOOOOOOL!

    Yup she came in those red boots! 3adel Vaino?;p
    Ambro: mowjooda bs etaghala showi hehehe;p

    The Stig : OHH no u didnt say thaaat!tadree 3ad ana a3tqd enk ma gilt hal kalaaaam ila min al7ara ily feeek coz u wanted to be there with us!;p