Saturday, April 30, 2011


Do we ever learn from them?? I know I didn't!;p So what is it with making stupid mistakes over and over again? oh and with the wrong people which is even worse! Well my problem is that I trust people easily. Don't tell me to change cause I cant I tried its just part of my nature! There goes a saying: Love all. Trust few. But for me its a package deal Love and trust are inseparable ! If I love u I trust u all they way! WRONG ya Sedra WRONG!! I believe that everything happens for a reason; even mistakes! God is out there watching...I know I'm in safe hands. Al7amedllah:)
ps: Vain there did some deep talk akhh! ;p


  1. Unfortunately I don't! Madri... Not often do I learn ;p It's always more like "Maybe this time it's different" (6al!) lol Bs we have to learn! Khalas enough stupidity! lol ;p

  2. الطبع يغلب التطبع
    if we r good natured people , most likely we will always be.
    but we gain experience and learn from our mistakes.
    so we can be good people and wise :)
    u introduced me to adele and im starting to like her more and more.
    thx :)

  3. *clapping* Look at you! finally writing a semi-decent post! That's my girl ;p

    I agree with both Ambrosial and Home Alone.. We tend to hope that this time will be different and sometimes we're not sure yet we give the other person the benefit of doubt. Still we must learn from our mistakes or at least be more careful o allah il musta3aan ;p

  4. princess in pinkMay 2, 2011 at 8:37 PM

    making mistakes is part of being human.
    sometimes i think they are ml7 eldnya, without them we would't explore ourselves and others nor probably meating our other halves. and even though they heart us, they show what a one's is...6eeb a9la.

  5. Ambro: Iv been sayin 6al for ever now LOL I aint learning at all.... ;p

    wa7eed: I agree! u think there is hope ?! lol;p
    glad u do shes my # 1 now cant get sick of her voice\songs!

    Vaino: u just watch my back coz I suck at learning from my mistakes and being careful!;p

    princess: 6eeb a9la...yes thats the word! allah kareem:)