Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ambrosial Ur Missing an L :P

Few pics from Dubai's trip :p

I know it was corny but I just had to snap this shot lol:P

Camal chocolate! waswast ma theqtah but family says its good!

Not bad:)))
Ya still talking about them there!

Sub7an allah wallah farq! LOL:P

My ear popped lol ma sewat 3ali rakbat alburj :P

Ladies Beach Club, Jumairah AMAZING! 5alf allah 3ala almessila!

Adre ghala6 bs I couldnt help myself ..yazt le alkash5a:P


  1. Hope you had fun ;)... I LOVE DUBAI... REALLY!

  2. Nice pics. Thanks for promoting my brand name lool ;p Al7een ra7 a6r asawei discount loool ;p

  3. eSo: Love not really ! bs yat eb wagt ha I needed to take a break:P

    Ambro: hehehe ee ro7ay DAMAS 5al yswoon lich 5a9em:P

  4. LoooL 5osh pix! Agool etha ma tabeen il camel chocolate yebeeeh ana aaakla ;p

  5. Vain: lool 3alich bil 3afia I can smell the 7motha mn al7en lool:P