Friday, October 22, 2010

To Great People In My Life

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.”

A while ago I met new people who have barged into my life without any permission and took their spot in my heart! Day by day I know them better and I become grateful to have such kind caring trust worthy people in my life. To those who shaped my world; I learned  a lot from you and I 'm still learning, thanks for putting up with me.
To those very special people who have enlightened my life.
 I dedicate this post:

 Allah la ya7rmini minkom :***

Love: Sedra ;)

Enjoy one of my old time favorite have a lovely evening GN;)


  1. *Barges in your heart and looks for a nice place to sit* waaaaiiihhh shhaaal za7ma!! 7asha dasha ma9r mo galb!! Darb darb!! Vainglorious dasha wa5raaw! ;p

    lool 3asa allah e5aleeech lihm we5aleehm lich wala ya7remich minhm ;*

    Ya salaaaaaaam 3alaaich!! 3ad ilyoum kint ga3da a'3aneeeeha!! your reading my mind now? ;p

  2. Vain: honey ur spot is reserved! no one will take it :*

  3. Hellooo, is it me you looking for??? I love this song! maalech 7es 3asa elmane3 khair? :))

  4. Allah la ya7rimch mn a7babch ya sedratna o e5aleech lehom o e5aleech lena yaaaaa raab:***

  5. 7abeeeeeeeeebte wallaaah ;***

    *teg3ad ib 3arsh galbich witemaqaaa6*
    Vain: Yaaaal 7aras!
    *guard comes running*
    Guard: Amruki ya mawlaaati?
    Vain: rooo7 egfil beeban galb Sedra, ma naabi za7ma ehnii golhm visiting hours are over! o sha'3elli il amaaaakin ;p
    Guard: sam3aan wa 6a3atan ya mawlaaati

    Lool e3jebatni isalfa ;p

  6. *adjusts her diamond tiara* e7m e7m..
    Vain 7abebti with all the love for you darling, the only one entitled for the throne here is Princess and that happens to be..oh, Me!;p but hey, I guess since our beloved Sedra has a BIG GREAT LOVING HEART it can fit for both of us gorgesouses, right Sedra??!:D

  7. Aww we love u too;* o 3asallah la ya7rmch mn 7abaybch, la Fagid wla mafgoud ya rab :)
    LOOL @ musalsal Vainglorious n' Princess! ;p
    Al7een wain ag3d o Hal thintain lajena?! ;p

    I'm currently sitting ibbalich waiting for my suite in ur heart to get ready ;p

  8. you see, many are there who loves you & care about you.. am very jealous :)

  9. Q8: ma shar ya 5oy mair showiat throof bs now Im back:)

    Vain wo Princess: LOOOOOOOOOOOL bad3tooooo! ashoof galbi yerga3 hal yomain athari mn nejratkom :P

    Ambro dishee bil nejra weyahom al suite matroos LOL:P

    Galbii yesheelkom kilkom wo kil wa7da laha special VIP spot!
    I love u girls:***

    Banana: hehehe Dont Be! kilkom ghalyeeen:))

  10. Great people that makes footprints in our hearts and good memories in our minds is what keep us going forward and keep us motivated and hopeful.

    To all great people that we know, THANK YOU !