Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Time OFF :)

La buona sera my friends!! Its obvious this " not in the mood " virus has struck many....
 we all got our ugly moments ,our ups and downs,but soon were back on track. Now Im sorry for not WRITING anything lately ! I was just youtubing and posting songs;p 
  I think its this time of the year with the change of weather we get sick easily...
Trying my best to fight it but its everywhere and it will knock me down soonI can feel it ;p
Anyway just wana tell u Im taking some time off (ya some time bs dont worry ga3da 3ala gloobkom;P) and I will be back fresh and full of energy
with new posts enshallah.You guys enjoy the lovely weather, Caribou coffee gha9eb lol;p
Till then I will miss u all !


Love the movie love the song:))


  1. la t6awleen el'3eebat:)

  2. I was in West Wendover and Las Vegas, Nevada when they shot this movie (Con Air). I even took pictures with John Malkovich. I like this guy, he is a brilliant actor. Didn't have the chance to take pictures with Nicolas Cage :)

  3. Sedraaaa!! I'm gonna miss you :( lat6awleeeeeeeen!!! ;**

    Q-80: wanaaasa!! I wanna see the pix! ;p

  4. Salamat salamat, 6amneena 3anech o la t'3ebeen tara kelena ne3ezech, take your time bs come back to us dear ...

  5. Everybody needs a time off. Enjoy chillin and sayrai 3lainaa bl Desert ;)Missing u ;*

  6. Salamat sedra don't take a long time off we miss you already its not the same with out you dear :)

  7. Hope u're reading this, 3eedech embarak o kel 3am wenty b5aair..

  8. Peincess: ;*

    Q80: yeah! well Im back anyway lol;p

    Vain: ana radait l3yoonch ana radait ;*

    bananaq8: Allah yeslmk wo ayamk sa3eeda wo kani radait;p mashkoor wallah kilik thouq;)

    Ambro: Mair eny walaht 3alich wyyyed:*

    6umasha: la abd ma 6awalt kani ;p thanx sweety:*

    360Dewan: Thanx a lot:)))) and guess what ra7 az3jkom;p

    AO: I am here :)))