Friday, December 17, 2010

أنا رديت لعيونج أنا رديت

Sedraaaaaaaaaa is baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Ok that’s corny but I just had to say it LOL! God I miss you all and I miss Sedrity!! Yes I took more time off then I expected but hey look on the bright side!! I came back with a hot new look;p. I was planning to come back in January but I couldn't wait! Ok now for the touchy mouchy part ;p…I want to thank everyone who commented here or sent an email asking about me I appreciate it! A special thanks goes to Princess for putting up with my blah blah blah everyday;p Desert Blvd Girls (Vain&Ambro) my time off would have been longer if it wasn’t for ur kind words and support u girls are the best! Q8 All in One couldn’t have done it without u bro thanks a lot;)

Ps: I HATE politics but I LOVE Kuwait!! Allah ya7fthich ya deerti wo yakfeech shar mn newa feech shar!


  1. كلولولولولولولوووووووشش!!!

    welcome back

    blog layout looks super

  2. Ibshri ya 3aini jaboulich khbr.. Fi Sedrat Al3eshag elyoam ibtfr7een.. 3alimouni 3anah, galaw ma gdar! Wkshfaht layaam shougah wl7aneeen;*

    It's good to have u back! You've been missed o la t3edenha mrah thanya! ;p (Nawya trdeen b January bsalamatch!) ;p

  3. Tawnee yaay min elshaleeeh... for some reason I couldn't comment from my Mobile.. esh'haazeeen New Look.. Welcome back sis :)

  4. Welcomeeeee backkkkkk :) Missss youuu

  5. Heyyyyy Sedra:)
    a7la back mn a7la Sedra:)

  6. Hey!

    Welcome back :)

    PS: Love the new look! Congrats :)

  7. Welcome back. Evne though I haven't followed you before I'd most certainly will now..!!

    Lovely blog btw

  8. Rummy: Thank you my dear...its my pleasure;*