Saturday, December 25, 2010


 Answers for each question capeesh?!:P~

1. Favorite restaurants

2. Favorite countries

3. Favorite cars

4. Favorite books

5. Favorite perfume\cologne

Just to get to know you better my amigos\amigas :)


  1. 1- the Ritz,caesar. I loove the big classics more than the modern ones; except for Nino.
    2-My beloved Kuwait, Britany, Italy.
    3-porche, lamborghini, ferari.
    4-I ADOOOOORE Diaries of a Princess by meg cabbot, the series of the Clique.oh and Alwaleed by reez Khan.
    5-Chanel chance,Sayed jnaid's banafsaj, and dehin el3oud.

  2. Ishfeekum 3la el odd numbers?! Lol ;p fine I'll go with the flow and imagine it's 4! ;p

    Favorite Restaurants: Waaaaayd!
    1. Maki
    2. Rasol Indian Cuisine (Geneva)
    3. Signor Sassi

    Favorite Countries:
    1. USA
    2. Italy
    3. الكون البعيد ;p

    Favorite Cars: Waaaayd!
    1. Cadilacs
    2. BMWs
    3. Anything Italiano! ;)

    Favorite Books:
    1. Summer 1990
    2. The Sky Changed Forever
    3. Skinny Bitch! (long flight from Miami-Roma. It made it a breeze! Lol ;p)

    Favorite Perfumes:
    1. 6eebi ;p
    2. Trish McEvoy
    3. Armani Diamonds

  3. Favorite Restaurants:
    1. ta'al indian retaurant
    2. shahad restaurant (mubarikiyah)
    3. fusion restaurant (especially when they have that 5 KD all you can eat sushi offer :P)

    Favorite Countries:
    1. korea
    2. UK
    3. Switzerland
    list may change due to visiting new places :P

    Favorite Cars:
    1. Cadilacs
    2. Cadilacs
    3. Cadilacs

    Favorite Books:
    1. The hobbit
    2. One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
    3. ALL of Anton chekhov stories
    i somehow developed a liking to Russian literature

    Favorite Perfumes:
    1. oud 23 - el labo
    2. Grey Flannel Geoffrey Beene
    3. white musk - body shop :P

  4. Favorite Restaurants

    - Red Lobster. (Coming soon to Kuwait)
    - Wendy's. (I hope so)
    - Ruby Tuesday. (Best Burgers)

    Favorite Countries

    - Switzerland.
    - Germany.
    - USA.

    Favorite Cars

    - Aston Martin V12 Vantage
    - Ferrari California.
    - Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S.

    Favorite Books

    I Don't read books bas Comics and History books in general.

    Favorite Cologne

    - Carolina Herrera Cologne.
    - Issey Miyake.
    - Chic Cologne

  5. princess: princess 7ata ib ur picks;) ohh and I love chanel chance;p

    Ambro: I hate odd # too but I thought 4 was alot and 2 too little lool! aahh Italy and USA!! konch wain feeh ymkn yam koni!

    q8othug:Nothing in common!! loool;p wuts with the cads?!

    Q80: Red Lobster ma ghairah mal the States?!!!mita wo wain!! ( la7th eny I hate seafood but I used to love their kids meal burgers hehe;p)

  6. 1. Favorite Restaurants:-

    - Entrecôte (French)
    - AbdulWahab (Lebanese)
    - Maki (Japanese)

    2. Favorite Countries:-

    - Kuwait
    - Kuwait
    - Did I mention Kuwait?

    3. Favorite Car:-

    Reventon (Lamborghini)

    4. Favorite Books:-

    The Art of War
    Why Do Men Have Nipples?

    Those two don't go hand in hand I know.

    5. Favorite Perfume\Cologne:-

    1 Million (paco rabanne)
    Pour Homme II (Gucci)

  7. Kuwaitiful : War and nipples!!LOOOOOOOOOOL!
    Ya I can see were gona be good buddies Oh and I love Entrecôte!!
    Welcome amigo n thanx for visiting sedrity;p

  8. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey wa`7ro 3aneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ana yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :P wiii sadoraaa misssssss uuu!! u lil sugar chick emwahhhhhh love uuu and only u u u !!!
    now check my thoughts :P

    1.qaysar ef7ai7eel ,peacock ,Mak,Minjana,choclate Bar marina and terrace grill Marriot

    2.KU,Srilanka and Usa


    4.Elqabbas and all of agatha`s cristies novels

    5.esse miyaki for men , angelby sarah jessica barker and chance du chanel

  9. Lady in pink: awwwwwwwwwww! so sweet of u :**

    mashkoora 3ala al tar7eeb al7ar jidan lool:D

    b3dain gilna 3 answers mo 100 looool ;p

  10. *favorite restaurants
    1- open flame kitchen
    2- za3tar o zeit
    3- casper and gambini

    *favourite countries
    3-germany and jordan :P

    *favorite cars
    1 mercedes g55
    2 waneet bo shanab :P
    3 rollz roys

    *favorite books
    1- qur2an
    2- chew on this by eric sclosser
    3-a child called it by dave pelzer

    * favorite perfume
    1- noir by vs
    2- osez moi by chantelle
    3- peut etre by lancome

  11. justnoon:LOOOL waneet bo shanab 3aaad! is this the new habba?!!:D
    ya I like b+f also ;p

  12. LOOL , madre bas me and my friend kel ma nshofa yzer 3aqelna :P