Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Want to Run Away!

I just wana be out of the country for a while! Dont know where I wana go but most likely ITALY !!Now tell me if u have a week to spend outside the country where would u go???
Thanks to Q8Stig gali spill out ur guts here LOL:D
galbi galbi...ahh ya galbi;p
al song malha 3elaqa bs chithi kaifi:P


  1. Hey! I thought you ran away already!
    Guys, I have nothing to do with her! She was trying to find a place to run to. I suggested Italy cuz Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Detomaso and other great factories can be found in Italy. That's it!

    I don't encourage running away from your fears :p
    Taghyeb ha!

  2. Italy not a bad idea.. 3 more places Thonon, France. Geneva, Switzerland. San Sebastian, Spain.

  3. 1 crazy week New York/Boston.

    LOL @The Stig. I miss Italia :(

    Q-80: I think I'm gonna make u my travel agent! ;p

  4. You know, I want to run away too, but rather to God. I'd go to Mecca.

  5. I'd hit Amsterdam, The Netherlands <3 or Seychelles

  6. Disney land-paris

  7. akhaaaaaiiiihh ya sedraa akhaaihh bs

    baroo7 il koun il b3eeeeeeeeed ;p

    Hmm.. Italy maybe or Spain, Bora Bora, or hit Africa on a safari ;p

  8. Sedra I see you're sharing my thoughts ;p cuz I really need a break from everything that surrounds me & wondering about the same so I'll see what advice they give u ;p

  9. Stiggy: ee taghyeb LOL!! ba3dain I got proof 3ala ta7reethik lee :D
    Q80: One week ya basha ONE 9ij enk 6ama3:P

    Ambro: Allllah 3alich:) Im craving NY City!!!

    AnxiousNut: Lovely choice! Allah yaktb lina jame3an 3omra gareeb :) Welcome;p

    Rummy: Never been to Seychelles! oh and the Netherlands is nice specially Maastricht!!

    princess: typical u:D Ya love that land;)

    Vaino: weyach 7ajia weyach ay kon feehom tabeen ana jan6ity jahza:P

    BananaQ8: waink yal qa63:P ya u got lots of choices now pick a place and run away:D

  10. its the first time i hear this song.. its amazing i loved it and loved the video.
    great taste.
    thx :)

  11. وحيد في المنزل: Glad u liked it ;)