Saturday, January 22, 2011

Turkish Coffee Lovers!

Found this"Turkish Coffee Maker" made in Turkey at Eureka few weeks back. Easy to use; Only one smart start button and ur
coffee is ready withing 2 minutes!! I also tried it with French coffee loved it!!
la wo b3d weya wesh;p
U can get this nice machine for only 33 KD!!
Ambro this Um Kalthoom part is for u sem3ay al3azf bs ;)


  1. Allaaah 3laich Ya Sedraaa;** 3azama 3la 3azama 3la 3azama! ;p

    Mair inich kisabtai feni a'ajr on that Turkish Maker. 3ijbaa wallah 3shan asawei 7g Mom, wnmazj bhal jw ;p I'll try picking it up tmw ;)

    Thanks for sharing honey;*

  2. I have been contemplating on getting a Tassimo coffee machine for a while now and this is just one of those that made it to the second option =p

  3. Gahwa 3arabeeeya wila balaaaaaaaaaaaaash

    mom and sis would love this thou :)

  4. Ambro: 3ajeeba wallah a9lan 7a6at ha yam rassi LOL :P try it wo tell me wut u think ;*

    Rummy: wuts the Tassimo coffee machine? ee this one u will love its cute;p

    Vain: khalef to3rf kila a3treth a3treth LOL:P
    al gahwa al3arbyia ma yabeelha machines;p

    eeh allah la yeheench gomay eshtreeha 7ag ur mom n sis :D