Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cant stop staring at this picture!

Ra7mat Allah 3alik.....


  1. e5negatne el3brah awal ma shiftha..
    allah yer7ima ebwas3 ra7mita
    fagdeena 7eel

  2. eee wallah:((
    3ad 7abait al black and white picture bs ily lawan al 9oora did a great job:)

  3. one of my Soba7i friends looks exactly like baba Jaber.
    BTW the blog is looking better and better ;D

    I was reading the book of the month and i thought oh she's posted about the book i posted about "The Magic of Thinking Big" but when i ready the title i sad oh :( it's not the one i posted but anyway i read this book why men love bitches and alot of it is true. I'll stop here coz i erased more than half of my comment coz i feel embarrassed sorry if i crossed any line

  4. brownsuger: ee mashallah baba Jaber's was very handsome ra7mat allah 3alih:(

    now for ur book If u dont mind I will post it in the book of the month spot under ur name;until I get myself a copy and start reading it:)

    why feel embarrassed?! Feel free to say what u like...and thanx for the support; Im planning to change the design soon let's say more greenish:p~ loool
    Hope u guys like it!

    Thanx alot amigo....