Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Naah Im not tired at all:)

Talking about me being misunderstood!!  Now its bad enough I work in a shitty place and new at the same time ; why is it a must I do everyone else's job?? Huh!  Is it cause I smile when ever they hand me other peopls crap?! Or am I misinterprted when I say Im not tired?!Well ya I said Im pretty nice but " etaqi shar al7aleem etha ghathab"
Beware be very ware:)

so true!


  1. Worst thing that could happen to a fresh employee is when others in the same job take the full advantage of you & give you that over-load & take all the credit !! yes it happened to me, but you should learn by now how to deal with these kind of people & don't let anyway exploit you unless of course its your BOSS cuz boss is always right :p wish I could believe that though :p

  2. Sedrat Al-3eshaq said...
    TaZmaNiA I totally agree with u. But the problem is I got 6 years of experience in my previous jobs but they still tend to treat me as a fresh employee!!! Just pisses me off; ya its been 4 months now I think I can survive but soon I will reveal the ugly side to them:)

    Thanx for stopping by:)

  3. Will do first thing tom morning LOL 7ar eb 7ar ana:)