Friday, July 30, 2010

Wake up and smell the coffee:)

What a lovely way to start my day!

 Being coffeeholic aint no fun trust me! I think I'm the only one drinking 5 different coffee types per day ;black,arabic,turkish,french, and lattes not to mention the mochas and the machiatos . Each type comes at a certain time of the day. Love the smell love the taste and definitely cant live without it!


Ohhh I remember this commercial back in the of the best:)

Allah y9ebrni in Ramadaan bs...

Coffee anyone?!

Btw now in Sultan Center Flogers singles coffee bags are being sold ; all you need is a cup of boiling water:)


  1. all that coffee !! bad bad idea ! you need to minimize :)

  2. I know:(
    Will try my best this Ramadan:)

  3. hiii

    this is my first visit to ur nice blog :)
    and i am glad and surprised.
    although it is just a new blog and have few posts but i can tell we have so many things in common.

    i love coffee, classic oldies music, russel peter
    and i work in a very bad place that i hate :)
    and we used to have a big sedra in our house :D
    im definitely gonna be a follower and i wish u to accept my invitation to visit my blog. i hope u like what u find. check out my archive :)

    welcome in blogger world.. glad to have u.
    BTW, im a guy. lots of ppl think im a girl coz of the blog's name reemas.
    well i wrote about that explaining the name here

    and here u will find the message of my blog.

    take care

  4. Hi Doc,
    Im flattered! Do allow me to take my time to visit and enjoy ur blog which I only got a glimpse of just now:)

    Thanx for dropping by; and its my pleasure to have you on my blog list:)

    Have a good one....