Monday, August 23, 2010

Amigos or Amigas?

I don’t want to sound old but for the past six years of my life I’ve been working with guys along with few girls but mostly guys; some were good and some were bad. Now if I were to say whose company (work wise) I prefer to be with it will definitely be the machos!!!
Now don’t get me wrong people lool qasdee shareeef :p

I meant decent respectful men! just wanted to say I moved to a new job just a few months ago and let me tell ya working at a place with women is tough real tough! Only few good friends (u know Ur self) that are making me enjoy my time other than that it just sucks!!! For god's sake women u need to get a life! Seriously I mean all they do is blah blah blah ,flana sawat wo flana 7a6at ,estqbal, shopping, e6anza 7ash wo qarath eb every living soul!!! ufffff shay yeb6 alchabd now I’m not against anyone wo ma a3mem laish ena a9ab3y mo sewa bs 9ij 9ij its getting ugly! I miss the peacefullnes,fun I used to have back with guys..
.But now I hear that guys have joined the 7ash business loool waih 7ata ento 5arabto !!

Now who do I hang with!!! LOL

Anyway the reason I wrote this post is just to ask u who do u prefer working with?

ps: etha fee badlyiat 6awfoo its bad enough mako arabic alkalam lich ya jara;)


  1. well, it depends on the place and the type of people ur working with. sometimes women could be a relief for as being from the same gender as you and u feel them easy to approach, yet another they could be devils and the only reason the're there is to make ur life a living hell.
    I remember that i wished to have a male boss at my work place coz from what i heared women bosses were my current job both my two bosses and supervisor are women. it's been going up and down with them since I started but i guess I'll survive:p

  2. aakh ya Sedra! Guys are more easier to talk to than girls! I remember in high school, the guys where much more fun to talk to or work with, maybe because of having brothers and no sisters fa mt3wda. I get along with them better.
    And so true about flana sawat o 7a6at o kalam malch qelaqh feh! yg3doun wezalqoun wayraht. Ta7chaw bshai mowfeed o wnees. 9j get a life, moujtama3 yabelah e3adaht ta2heel wallah!

    O its true what u said about guys talking o 7ash, bs qaleeel mnhum o 3asallah la yzeedhum, o latloumenhum coz maku mawsm kora! lol al7een kl sbou3 ga3d ybalish dawri fa ra7 ylhoun 3n el7ash! lool ;p

    Still quality girls r there, who share the same core values as u do, bs hm guys for me r more flexible to deal with :)

  3. Pinko: So true! could not have been said better!! and trust me a male boss wyeeeeed ar7am mn al female!!
    Now abt the relief part well its rare u find comfort with someone at work bs as Ambro said fee some quality girls:)

    Ambro: Yesss I agree with u, I got sistrs and brothers but still feel better working with men I mean ma 3indohom loya wala 3oqad wo easy going unlike us! wo 9aja dam aldawri alengleezi embalsh ashwa 9a5a hal yomain looool
    wo 3ala salfat tzlq wayrat ahhh lets not even go there l2ni ra7 anfjr so I rather shush:)
    akeed dam fe girls mithlch wo sharwach I will def enjoy work with em :)

  4. 3jbny el p.s ele at the end, kellesh mo le :p

    well for me i like to hang out sorry not allowed meant to work with meyremeen amthaly amigos ya3ny:))

    bcoz of all the things u said, and
    actually yes about "machos gossip" i heard lately that guys joined the 7ash club and became arda min el7areem


  5. Anonymous: looooool tara tedodaht! what are u!!him wila shim loooooool
    machos gossip is so sick yala at7malah mn albanat now guys r in it too wai3!
    and yes that ps is def for get off my back:P

  6. al7en sar le chm comment ilmeyrema ilmeyrema o a5ir shy u askin me him afaaa:))

    o inshala ra7 asakkir 3yony 3n ay typos:))


  7. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
    madree gilt chood tamweh....ms7eha eb wayheee tadreen tawna mts7reen wo em9leen :p

    thank uuuuu :)))

  8. hello Sedra

    I have a mixed response to your question.

    From personal experience working in a mixed team of guys and girls makes work more professional IF all the team members are up to the level.

    Also, sometimes girls tend to be dependent on guys regarding work tasks which is annoying to me a bit but i had the privilege to work with independent girls and they were awesome :)

    I would conclude with this, i would prefer to work in a floor that has girls but not in the same team i work in (independent girls are an exception) although some times i get distracted ;)

    And i would prefer a female boss coz i'm really good in sweet talking.

    Once we had an open day at work and i met the HR manager and she was in her 50's maybe but she was still attractive :) now this is the first time we meet ... we get introduced and then i told her:

    me: i saw ur picture once but is wasn't in a magazine.

    she: really! where?

    me: in the dictionary next to the word "God damn gorgeous".

    she: 'looking so happy, amazed and shocked' ur getting two bounces this year.

    Now i have to tell you it was bold and i took a large risk saying this to our HR manager i could have been fired for saying that but it was worth it ;D my friend who was standing next to me still can't believe what i sad that day :P sometimes i can't believe what i say when i'm complementing women.

    I don't agree on that guys joined the 7ash club :p if we did were just amateurs u girls are pros.

  9. LOL, 7ash business was created by guys, who wanted to profit of womens vanity. Yet, in q8, a mans social life really consisted of trash talking others behind their back.

  10. Guys. As Abrosial said they are easier to talk to, the don't have the female complications. Besides I grew up around boys so I'm used to them

    Bs ham fi great girls, bs moshkilat a'3lab il banat il 7ash wil tafaha o i knw ina il guys mo ga9reen bs at least most of them mind their own business mo nafs il girls edishon ib 5ashmich min il legafa

  11. brownsugar: Wohooo! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    eeee I know wut u mean my previous job required that we stay after work and arrange dinner parties and the guy with me was so nice he used to do all the hard work only when it requires a man to do it I mean we dont just throw the work on him not to mention we used to indulge him we used to feed him wo ndl3ah and cover for him alot looool:)))

    now u and the sweet talk, I know ur type kissing up to ur female boss is a smart thing to do bs deerbalik could be dangerous and turn ugly !!LOL

    I admit we are pros and u will be one one day;)
    loved ur comment, made my day amigo:)

    TheRex: True! Its just sad that some guys have fallen into this so deep! albanat wo nadree laish they do it bs guys e555 come onnn :P~

  12. Vaino: 9aja bs tadreen wut kills me the most al nefaqqqqq!!!! why be a hypocrite!!!! wallah they amaze me shloon t7md7 wa7da wo ethmha behind her back !!
    3ala gooltch moo thab7na ila al legafa wo ltinsain terb6 al3a9a39:P

    again both feehom alzain wo alshain bs guys are def easier:)))

  13. will i'm glad i made ur day ;D ... i would love it if you would explain more on why i should be careful i need to know girl :s please tell me every thing

  14. brownsugaaaa looooool ur asking me !!!
    ur the pro at this one yumaah ya 3ayartik :P
    let me just tell ya women are like the discovery channel something new everytime:)

  15. My guess is that its better for men to work with women & vice-versa :) I cant explain it yet but usually women act very sweet when its man, but if its a women,, (.....) loool , btw,, congrats on the new job :)

  16. Taz: LOOOOL true! Bs again a9ab3 eedik moo sewa;)
    thanx amigo finally kamlt 6 months I need a break:))

  17. Take you break immediately : before your boss changes her/his mind :p