Monday, August 30, 2010

Why I Hate MRI !!

1.Our machines aint new and clean like this one. It was an icebox felt numb right away.

2.They make u wear stuff like this and walk around infront of people.

3.To make things worse the gown was hot orange  so u can feel like a prisoner.

4. A studpid nurse tortures me;she couldnt find a vein in one hand goes for the other then  decides I dont need any dye injections WTH !! Wallah I was gona kill her!! It hurts so bad;(

5. Im claustrophobic so it took me over 2hrs!!

6. The drilling sound was killing me!

7. Thats how I felt just glad it was playing the Quran !

Now lets look on the bright side ! I dont have work tomorrow:P


  1. Sedra! 3asaa mashaaar?!! What's wrong? Why did you need an MRI?

  2. Vain: alshar ma eyeech 7abebty.. kan a long day 2 MRI scans 1.mako moo lageen almo5ai5 ala9gher :P loool showait pain wallah eb rasi bs mako il a3afia mojard fuzaat tharba :P

    2.MRI for the knee..tadreen feeni ma ahye3 wo la tinsain ams l3ba m3a Barcelona wo eltfat al rukba showi :P

  3. affaaa affaa! Matshofeeen shar, inshallah maku ela el3afyah. A'tmana hal i9abah ma tab3dch 3n elmala3b muda 6oweela ;p wathbai 3la el3eelaj el6abe3i :)

  4. looooooooool
    ana shamtan eb9ara7a :p
    elli bil amiri a7san o anthaf o extra friendly staff. lesh ma re7tay ehnak :D
    bs u still have to wear the orange e3dam gown :D

    salamat ur knee.. la3ba m3a barcelona ha ?
    knee pain comes with aging :p admit it

  5. Slamat hun Ma Tshofeen Shr
    I know hoe it feels 2 B walking around with this gown lol,, FaShalaaaaaaaa

  6. Ambro: alshar ma eyeech sweety la t7ateen ana ba7awil a5lee alnadee ydzni 3elaj 6abe3i bil 5arj :P

    reemas: I wouldnt laugh if I were u!! ur the oldy with zahaymer here mo ana :P

    Bafak: Ameen 3n aljamee3 ya rab:)

    Hope: Allah yslmch sweety eeee siktay wallah 7adah fashlah ghair ily ydshon bil ghala6 3ali :P

  7. salamat wallah ma tshofen shar:*

    i share this hatery thing for this machine:(


  8. ilmeyrema... alshar ma eyeech 7abebti:*

  9. salamat salamat !! 5a6ach il soo dear, I think MRI is still better than having CT SCAN ! Had to do both when I had car sever accident same this time last year & I hated how I felt

  10. Taz: yeslmk 5a6ak allash bro...eee heard CT scan is ugly ! allah yekafeena alshar.