Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Gotta sweet tooth then you will love this!!!

You will find those raspberry coated cream cakes at Sultan Center.

It reminds me alot of the famous " TWINKIES "

Mmm, yummy!!!


  1. ma jarabta bs shkla 63ma latheeth :) bajarba bs 3ad 3la themetech ;p

  2. twinkies remind me of the movie die hard. where the fat cop used to eat them all the time.

  3. TaZmaNiA if ur into " desam " big time then this will do u good! I love the mixture of a twinkie and raspberry coat:)
    so enshallah u like my taste coz Im a sweet freak loool...

  4. reemas I dont blame him they are so light and fluffy once u eat one u cant stop until u feel like v.... loooool

    try the raspberry one its the closest to a real twinkie:)

  5. abyyyyy TWINKIES :'((((
    any idea where i can find it here ???
    gabel kan fe in markaz sultan al-7en mako :'(

    raspberry loooks yumiii gonna try it soon

  6. 3ateeja they are yummyyyy mn galb :)))) bs madree if they have them here!!

    bs the raspbrry aint bad tara :))