Monday, August 30, 2010

دعاية زين

7abait alfikra bs mo altanfeeth...they could have done better!!


  1. i hate zain. they are so far away from being ethical.
    and these B.S. ads wont change their image in my eyes.
    as for the clip.. not convincing at all.. coz it should be performed by people who should be considered as idols not idiots.

  2. مسى الخير

    هذي زيارتي الاولى

    وان شالله ماراح اتكون الأخيرة..

    عاد انا مع راي الدكتور ريماس...

    كلش ماني من معجبين زين

    بس عاد

    تبون الصج...
    عن معرفة شخصية...
    آخر وحده إتغني للأم هي شوجي...
    آخر وحده إتغنـــــــي للأم إهيا...

    صج ممثله صراحة...

    مساكم الله بالخير

    سلة ميوّة

  3. sorry i can't stand shojoon :< though the ad is cool

  4. Aurous : ya didnt like it either;)

    reemas: True! never liked zain either bs as I said liked the idea but not the performance.

    سلة ميوّة :مساء الخيرات هذي الساعه المباركه المكان مكانج حبيبتي
    وصاجه التصوير مو مقنع كلش حياج باي وقت

    Taz: same here :P

  5. i did not like the add AT ALL , IM disappointed

  6. Didn't like it! a7s'ha out of nowhere! Zain could've have done better, y3ni every yr they show up with an ad, that creates controversy! Hathi matgayish :/

  7. Amrbo ana 7asait china sawo hal da3yia chithi bsr3a wo 3al mashee ags eedi etha moo after one of shoojis shows galo ha shrykom 5al nethy3 wagt wo nesta3b6 showi :P
    zain big time loosers hal sina!

  8. eb6ara7a weeeeeeeeeee3