Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mamma Miaaa ...Italianoo!!

Baaaaaaaaaaack with Mulla Sedraaaaaaaaaa

Thats why I love my job so far !! Simply coz I'm doing something good in my life not to mention getting to meet new people, different races ,nationalities and religions. Remember my earlier post " Sunday Church" ?!
For those who dont know what I'm talking about :

Well I guess its Wednesday Church today done some good deeds by marrying an Italian couple and some desperate Chinese/American couple. Now for the Italians god knows how much I love em!!! mama miaaaa!!!  Actually when I heard that groom say  Buon giorno kinda chocked on my tongue ! All of the sudden I wanted to speak Italian soo bad but instead I started Abdulhussien Abdul reda's He ..Him..She...Shim thingi LOL; it went well coz he too had bad English!! I was willing to get them married even if they had  missing papers, wonder why !!??  LOL It was obvious I was having a nervous breakdown p:~ but I didnt care as long as I had them stay longer in the room; hmmm did I mention the half Italian half Spanish amigo who came along!
 My ohhh my!!
 It was time for the kodak moment. I took pictures of the couple and then asked their permission to take a pic of them with my mobile they agreed only if I was in the pic with them!!!! I said yes but also asked for another one without me in it! No Chinese bows worked with those Italians the dude rushed to hug me but I managed to push him away last minute infront of the staring crowd oustide the room.
( Madree might consider fasting this day again LOL )

Now for the Yan Can Cook couple had rough time saying their names and communicating but all I know is that this wife went thru hell to marry her Americano so I tried my best to end her misery and have them married before I leave.

 Those couple were kind enough to get us
small gifts from China.

They made my day:)

I just love Sunday & Wednesday Church:)


  1. LOOOL ana basayer 3laich 3la youm ya Sunday ya Wednesday! Italiano 3ndkum then ana 3ndkum! ;p so cute wallah... Sam7eeeen :) ashwa this time it didn't involve any bowing, u could've went for the hand gestures ;p

  2. looks like great job you're having:)It looks so fun!!
    Ambrosial, count me in:)

  3. Ambrosial and princess: ashoof 9ar em5aaam6 looool

    7ayakom 7ayakom fil 5aimtna:))

  4. Mmmmm the chinese gal looks familiar to me.. saw her somewhere, maybe ib salon jam3iyat mishref:D just kidding, ya36eech il3afyaaah... ilaaa hal spaniol dude, is he married :Pp << ham kidding:P

  5. S: LOL madree shaklaha malt fitness marah 3ali eb Flex :p~
    ya the spanish dude is married sorry!!

  6. Sedroo wallah ma 3indich salfa!! A7aad e'6ayi3 hug! Law ana mukanich chaan huggait'hom kilhom ma 5alait a7ad ;p

    Wallah wanasa dawamkom bastigeeeel min dawami o bayee ashte'3il ma3akom! Yalla hizzaay 6olich ya 7elwa o '6ab6eeli wa'6eeefa zaaaina 3indikm! ;p

  7. Vainoo kan wedi wedi bs qawiaaaah :))))
    Enshallah after Ramadan ablesh group hugs loool

    eee wanasa ebsara7a despite the horrible office bs tagzer ... now me and u in one place let me picture it for a sec .....fa9laaaah looool

    zahbaay ur cv bs ;)