Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sunday Church

Its funny how I work at a place that is so damn crowded with every nationality on earth just to get married! But imagin while marrying those people we got the typical Kuwaiti " moraj3een" doing their favorite hobby ; "al5az". I love what I do and I'm so devoted ,mo yegloon "ya ba5t mn wafeg rasain bil 7alal" so call me mulla sedra from now on loool.

Now dont get me wrong I'm not racist and I'm not against interracial marriages but come on people why gert married to someone and come back 3 months later to get divorced! Oh well we all know why they got married in the first place lool. Anyway as I said I love what I do and it makes me go home with a big smile on my face;not to mention that some couples come fully dressed up as in a real wedding; la tshofoon wayooh al moraj3een so funny ! Not only do I do the paper work I also sing for them and take pictures
 y3ne btaa3 kulo :)

You may kiss the bride...Not!! LOL

Bs 3ad b3th alajanb allah yehdahom are way too friendly offering to hug and kiss loooool ;hey we are in Kuwait remember??? I sometimes have to put my hands together and  bow as in chinese hellos in order for me to reject them in a polite way and guess what doesnt work everytime!

Woho !!! finally done some real talking here...feels like I'v been talking for ages. Thanx for hearing me out:)

ps: tara sij I'm busy p:~ but I'm having my coffee break now  wo gilt 5al agoolkom salfa mn salfat Sunday Church:)


  1. LoooooL I hate sundays but mulla sedra thaaank you for making my morning :)

    your post made me smile like an idiot ;p
    Sounds like you have a fun job! I have to come and visit you sometime! ;)

  2. LOOOL 7lwa ina u bowed! What did u sing "hb elsa3d"? ;p gr8 post

  3. Vainglorious : alsa3a alembarika wallah:)
    eee fa9la dawamii wo lots of action looool

  4. Ambrosial: loooool ee wallah bs nag9ni a Chinese Hanfu!
    eeeeh taqreeban bs with church bells in the background looooooool

  5. nice work :)
    yeah, i hate when someone comes to hug u and u don't want cuz u r a girl ( been there done that :P )
    nice post ,,,, keep going

  6. Amal Kh... eeeeeh lool I mean I do feel sad rejecting that shake or hug bs shinswee they have to learn it aint 3adee....but I did let a high five slip by:) the guy was sooo polite and adorable looooooooool

  7. والله بوست يفتح النفس

  8. Ambrosial: looooool 7ilwa:)

  9. Sedra nice music:)