Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ambrosial - Ya Ya Love U 2 ! LOL :P


  1. LOOOOL Does that make me a Gummy Bear?! I like the red and green btw ;p

    I made a schedule, and said Ok on going second after Vainglorious with dedications.. And I get a bag of Gummy Bears?!
    (u know they're low in Calories right?! lol ;p) E7im as I was saying... That was funny I can't act serious! looool ;p Loved the hydraulics on the car ;p

  2. Ambro:LOL ya red&green my favorite also!!
    eeeee shiftay al hydraulics 3ajeeba LOL:P

    n3wthch taleee I got a long list! Its pinko tonight

  3. oh i cant wait! Sedra, oh it better be gooooooood;p

  4. LoooooL nyahahahaha <--- '6e7kat shemata

    Ambrosial: that should teach u not to go "waai3ing" 3ala MY song ily ib MY night! ;p

    Bs truth to be told, Ambrosial makes an adorable gummy bear ;p

  5. Pinko: too late LOL :P

    Vain:eee a red one b3d :P
    la ma thanti she will do it again she learned her lesson lol:P