Friday, September 03, 2010

سلنقح بن دريه

قنبلة الموسم... قريباً بالاسواق

لزوووم نبلغ الشيخ بالسالفه !!!!! هالانسان موطبيعي احبه ههههههه
الفيديو من اخراجي ..احم احم


  1. he could not say a word and still can be funny :)

    btw, ili5raj 8away :P
    love the hitler thingy

    sorry for not commenting for a long time i just started a new job :(

  2. K_ : WB!!!! EEE I noticed! u better not do it again LOL...

    mabrook alnew job I know how that feels!
    next week I complete 6 months at my new job which means my first vacation!!! YAY!

    eeeee t3bt wyed 3ala al e5raaaaaj! ufff :P

  3. inshalah mulla sedra :p

    thnx, lucky u, enjoy ur vacation :)

  4. K_ : lol

    la wain lucky wont take it until after 3eed might as well take a week and save the rest for later:P