Monday, September 06, 2010

Autism (Must Watch)!!!

ana bechait ;) 3awar galb I'v met few autistic children and I was touched!
Allah yeshafeehom ya rab..those who did the clip fe mezan 7asanatkom!


  1. Very touching :(

    I've met a couple of autistic kids but the worse I've seen is a little boy who's parents refuse to acknowledge his autism and are ignoring him instead of providing him with specialized help just because they dont want to admit that their kid has a problem. I really feel bad for him!

    We need to spread awareness! Thanks Sedra for sharing ;**

  2. Ya 3mri :'( allah y3eenhum, we3een ahalhum we9aberhum 3la ma ibtalahum fh. allahuma ina la nas2alaka rd elqatha2 inma alu6fa fehum ya ar7ama elra7meen

  3. Vain: I know what u mean hal noo3ia mn al parents need to go see a shrink!!

    Ambro: allhoma ameeen ;(