Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Oh Girls Just Want To Have Fun !!

Onootha time!!
Girls I need to do some makeup shopping; what I got expired looong time ago lol :P
Well I was surfing the net and found this TOP 10 Makeup list ,If u got something to share go ahead,Personally ana haba mn fatra eb BareMinerals makeup ...

Face Foundation

  1. Best Inexpensive Foundation: Revlon ColorStay Foundation
  2. Best Foundation Stick: Bobbi Brown
  3. Best Pricey Foundation: Chanel
  4. Best Pricey Foundation Powder: Laura Mercier
  5. Best Affordable Foundation Powder: MAC Studio Fix
  6. Best Foundation With SPF: Philosophy ‘The Supernatural’
  7. Best Tinted Moisturizer: Clarins Hydra-Care Tinted Moisturizer
  8. Best Cream Foundation: Cover Girl Aquasmooth
  9. Best Liquid Foundation for Dark Skin: Iman Second To None
  10. Best Cream-to-Powder Foundations: Vincent Longo Water Canvas
Face Concealers

  1. Chanel Pro Lumiere Correcteur Professional Finish Concealer
  2. Vincent Longo Creme Conceale
  3. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
  4. Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer
  5. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer SPF 10
  6. Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener
  7. Lancome Effacernes
  8. Make Up For Ever Full Cover
  9. Benefit Galactic Shield
  10. Clinique Advanced Concealer
Eye Shadows

  1. Christian Dior 5-Colour Palettes (fall 2010)
  2. Guerlain Eye Shadow Palettes (fall 2010)
  3. Enigma Chanel's iconic Quadra Eye Shadow
  4. Paint Pot by MAC
  5. Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad by Clinique
  6. Color Intrigue Eyeshadow by Elizabeth Arden
  7. Smashbox Heartbreaker Eye Shadow Palette - Hot Date
  8. Stila Jewel Eye Shadow Palette
  9. Bobbie Brown Bonfire Palette
  10. Urban Decay Primer Potion

  1. NARS Blush
  2. Powder Blush Compact by Clarins
  3. DiorBlush by Dior
  4. Feel Naturale Light Softening Blush by L’Oreal
  5. Pro Cheeks Ultra-Radiant Blush by Dior
  6. Signature Satin Creme Blush by Estee Lauder
  7. Color Design Blush Sensational Effects Cream Blush, Smooth Hold by Lancome
  8. MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach
  9. Bobbi Brown Blush
  10. MAC Blushcreme

  1. Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara
  2. Christian Dior DiorShow Mascara
  3. Maybelline Intense XXL Mascara
  4. Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara
  5. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara
  6. Lancome Fatale Mascara
  7. Lancome Hypnose Mascara
  8. Chanel Inimitable
  9. Yves St Laurent Infini Curl Volumising Mascara
  10. HR - Mascara - Lash Queen Feline Blacks Mascara


  1. Kiss Kiss Precious Colours Lipstick by Guerlain
  2. Dior Addict Lipstick by Dior
  3. Aqualumiere Sheer Colour Lipshine SPF 15 by Chanel
  4. Color Intrigue Effects Lipstick by Elizabeth Arden
  5. Joli Rouge by Clarins
  6. Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Duo by Estee Lauder
  7. Semi-Matte Lipstick by NARS
  8. Color Design Sensational Effects Lipcolor Smooth Hold by Lancome
  9. The brand-new Private Blend Lip Color Collection by Tom Ford
  10. Bobbi's New Black Velvet Collection.

  11. bs ta3abt loool :P


  1. راحت علينا بهالبوست, بوست بناتي بحت

  2. thanks for the post :) very informative

  3. Mohammad : هههههههههه ترى ماكثر انا من هالبوستات
    افا عليك بس.... بس ليش ان البوست اللي قبله عن السيايير قلنا نخلي هذا مكياج
    بعدين يكفي مرورك ياخوي

    her: my pleasure :)

  4. لووووول....غشمرة

  5. tslm edech ya sedra:)

  6. Mohammad: adree :P

    Pinko: yeslmch ya rab.. ee wallah t3bt lol moo bs copy and paste had to search million lists wo pick whats nice from each u know what I mean ;)

  7. I'm clueless when it comes to make up! Just ask Vainglorious ;p I only use on of the things u mentioned o kaiyaaaaaaafft youm garayt....

    "L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara" That's what I use ;) My friend recommended it to me, y3ni mu ana ely mt3anya 3shan aktshf loool ;p

  8. Ambro: chinch ana lol kil al makeup ily 3indi leftovers fathlaaat my sisters and cousins:P

    bs bareminerals ana sharaitah yekoon y3nii ba9eer minhom a pro ! 6al eb 3aini pro !!
    mallah 3a6ana nafs hal banaaat mashallah 5abeerat eb 5a6at alke7el!!

  9. LOL! E wallah thakarteni youm dashaiyt VavaVoom! was2lha 3n eyeliner chni iskt bkhi6ha mthl baji libni! wetwareni alla ysalmch 3 kinds! Ibharatni el9ara7a waratni an eyeliner chan agolaha la yuba hatha ta36ena Picasso mu anna! lool ;p 9a3b 9a3b atnarfaz!

    Ashwani ml7 anthr o ma a7taj! LOL ;P

  10. Ambro: laaaa 7aletna kaseefaaaa!! yabeelina we go on a shopping spree :P

    mel7 wo gablich rabi Im sure mair inty ily et7leen al mekyaj mo oho :)

    chini wyed meda7tch LOL

  11. LOOL Eh mu awl marraah a7d eywa9ilni laih elsimaa 3adii 3adii loool ;p

    Shopping spree?! Wallah tabcheen mni! btgolen ish'hal d3lah eli ray7a ma3aha! Bakoun 3ayzana mn fikraht ini baro7! lol ;p wtha btakh'then shori bsha'3lah, rd wa7d btsm3eenh: *sigh* madri! or ishdarani! lool ;p allah y3een rb3i 3lai ;p