Monday, September 27, 2010

Why Do Married Women Cheat?!

"Love grows where trust is laid, and love dies where trust is betrayed."

Why do married women cheat?! We know why men do and they always seem to have their reasons... But I find it horrible that a married woman cheats on her husband. She shouldn’t under no circumstances nothing can justify what she does. People say many reasons are behind all this; the most common one is revenge due to her husband cheating on her! Some say feeling neglected therefore goes to any man that tells her what she wants to hear showing all the emotions he got for her knowing that this will make her an easy catch. There are many other reasons out there but personally I don’t believe in any of them no matter how bad her marriage is! U don’t want him get divorced lady! I think we all agree that lack of faith in ALLAH is the ONLY reason!
ps: I know there are alot of good decent hubbies and wifies so plz dont get carried away I'm just talking about the " few " bad ones :P

** mashkoora eSo shayshteeni**


  1. Ay few 9alaaay 3a ilneeebyyyyy... mn guys w mn girls... @@!! wala ka2anaaaa ildeerah hal kober.. w sam3ah sowalef wa7ed y3aref wa7dah... yheed-ha w yte3araf 3la her friend... tara wai3 by the way!!! ma yeste7oon,, and I REALLY love this song!

  2. *e7im e7im* Mic is on?! Ok here we go, el7ayaht elzawjiyah shai muqadas, o fi nas mahum kafu zawaj! I mean if u want to be a player then don't get married, bnat elnass mu li3baa! Takh'th matakhth and u wanna keep playing around (wdi agoul playing around blq8i bs ast7i! lol ;p) I mean "You can't have your cake and eat it too!"

    Now, as u say maku waz3 deni yrd3, Bs hm u made it sound like a double standard! Ya3ni malat 3laihum both of them itha wa7d bekhawin blthani! Basically talking cheating is a sin on both terms, nothing justifies such an action. They're both pigs! lool ;p

    And I love Rai Rai ;p Love that song, but just a little msg to Rihanna "Enunciate Rihanna ENUNCIATE! lol ;p

  3. eSo: I agree al awthaaa3 lo3a allah yakfeena shar hal dinyia wo yster 3alina dinyia wo a5rah bs sij it makes me sick when I hear such stories!

    Ambro: ya I agree both of em cheating isnt right! bs I mean al guys t3wdna 3alihom lol ama wa7da metzwja tklim wa7d ghair her hubby is sick wallah! ya kether al pigs wo al piggat:P