Friday, September 03, 2010

Sticky Sweet

Sticky & Sweet is a new home business .

Each item on the menu is by the dozen, except for the creamy crumble, which is the cheesecake.

Not all items have been photographed.

The launch of this new project was the first day of Ramadan

All orders should be 24 hours ahead mobile 60775413.

When placing an order, the name, address, order, and amount should be mentioned

I tried the choc mud wo 3ish alsarya and basbosa all YUMMY!!!


  1. Yummmyyyy looooks goood!

    Al7eeen tadreen 3anna min awal ramadan o tawich eta7achain ya maliiiich il 3afya!! Sharing is caring ya bint inaaas! Yalla 6ilbeeeli ;p

  2. Vain shfeech ajrbah gabl 3ashan talee agoolch wo ana m6mnaaa so been trying it for the past 24 days looool 5oosh targee3a!
    kalait mina lama 6ala3 mn 5ashmee!!
    Try them ...real goood :P

  3. looool sedra ily echathib allah waaaaaain ewadeeh?! ;p

    bil 3afya 7abeebte, I will inshala ;)

  4. Vaino&Ambro: mno yechathab? ana?!! la abd (Mair) ana 9aja eb kalami :P :P: