Saturday, September 18, 2010

شارع قدساوي

شارع قدساوي بس بهولندا!!! من قدك يالملكي
 وهيا هيا قادسيااا ؟!!؟؟


  1. That looks disturbing! This color effects my nerve system lol ;p
    (ish3nd My Name is Khan ;p)

  2. it looks like a homage to "the yellow brick road"

    ahhhh bring back memories :)

  3. btw, theres a comment that disappeared ;)

  4. Ambro: BOOOOH! Yellow is the color of life baby!
    now ana a7sn mich ro7ee reyathiaa love WHITE when not mingling with yellow :P

    K_: ALLAHHH! The Wizard Of Oz!! sha5barii yibteeha right nafs alshare3 I guess lol:P

    oh plz tell when and where!!! I usually approve comments thru my mobile when Im not near my laptop and most of the time while Im asleep:P
    sorry for that :(

  5. "white when not mingling with yellow" are u talking about separating the egg whites from the yolk?! lol ;p

  6. Ambro:shtabeen hehehe!
    an o5ooch ana o5ooch lol:P

  7. *singing* We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz... ;p

  8. that song plays in my head whenever im going to see my manager
    "We're off to see the wizard...."

    for ra2ees il8isim, its " high hooooooooooo "
    lol, that man hardly reaches my chest

    i posted the comment between 4-5 pm, about the other bloggers, its ok, im still one of ur fans, till u cross over to the dark side :)

    and its not " yibteeha" its "yibt'ha" ;)

  9. LOL@ vain 3ashaat bs china nashztay shwoi:P LOL

    K_ : LOOOOL ahm shay ur shorty boss :P

    weird tadre ma we9alni email coz even if I deleted it by mistake the email is still there u sure u submitted ur comment:P wont harm to comment again now would it :)))

    and sorry abt the he him she shim thingi lol I usually never ask since u just mentioned K and u were smart about all ur comments not showing any gender indications:P
    Im flattered *blushes* and its my pleasure to have u as my fan ;)
    sorry once again, u know I will never go to the dark side;p

  10. netheef mashalla.. low 3endenaaa .. chan saar ad3am :)

  11. loved the idea :) we need a street like this too

  12. 3ateeja: :P

    Q8: ad3am wo bs ila lo7at picaso lol;P

    Taz: u mean yellow right?! better be!! lol

  13. heyya heyya qadsawiya,

    a6alib bshari3 nafsah fi kil mana6iq il kuwait


  14. 3ashaaaaw alqadsawiaaaa :P wainch yal qa63a?!!