Monday, September 06, 2010

Emmy 2010 Best Commercial Nominees

madree shfeeni 9ayra youtubiaa hal yomian !! bs this u will like for sure :P
I loved Audi,Nike and Old Spice smell like a man not a lady LOL ;)


  1. Gr8 commercials! I loved b3d mthl ur choices! I realized that Marketing in Kuwait is underestimated, where abroad it's huge!

    Bs hathi lQ8 9al 3la elnbi :/

    Thanks for the Gr8 youtube, mair nothing made me break a smile ila that video :)

  2. Ambro: e7na ya 7athi ma 3indina ghair subway wo sooq alsalmia wo rexxona wo a3treth!!! ma allah 3a6ana ma 3a6ahom LOL :P

    ehyia deeratna wo feeha ily nabee ;)

    UW :*

  3. "youtubiaa" looool hathy broo7ha mawetatny mn il the7ek hehe, bas 9ara7a very creative mashalla !

  4. Taz: LOL afa 3alik I have my own dictionary :P
    indeed they are 5alf allah 3alina!!