Tuesday, September 21, 2010

زحمة الصبح سببها هالحلوة

emsawiah za7ma wo alshar3 fathee!! 7abakt y3ni gbl la adsh al parking 7athrat-ha etamsha bs hal maynoona bad3t feena she goes half way then comes back we had to wait for her majesty to decide whether she wants to cross the street or not !!and I thought I hate cats for doing that!!  and yes Im showing off my benz  lol:P

Do wah Diddy diddy dumm Diddy do :P


  1. Q8: yam dawami maraaa7 agoool la et7awl:P

    K_ : me!! hell no!!! ehe mnashbtni wo thay3t 3ali my parking space!!

  2. Its look like the Australian wild dog” dingo” in Kuwait